Join the fight to restore the D in Democrat

We can't have another center-right corporate establishment Democratic candidate for President, especially in 2020

The time has come to end corporate corruption in politics

We will run TV ads against Harris in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina during primary season highlighting her record, governing style, and why voters should look to a more progressive choice in the primary election.

United By A Common Goal

We don't want another 4 years of Trump. 

We don't want Hillary 2.0

We need a candidate that will truly stand by issues like Medicare for all, a living wage for all workers, tackling the college debt crisis, ending the never ending wars while neglecting education and infrastructure, and most importantly ending the corrupting influence of money in politics and elections.

The corporate elites and media have already decided for you

Right after the 2016 election, party barons, rich donors, and elites got together to decide what to do about 2020. They decided that they should prop up Kamala Harris and this process has already started. They are dropping her name every chance they get, and her exposure is only starting to grow. This is manipulation, plain and simple; and they are trying to swing the election before anyone has even voted. Kamala Harris is from California, which has many delegates at the Democratic convention. They moved the California primary from the end of primary season all the way up to near the beginning in order to give her an edge. There is no denying that Kamala Harris is a strong and brilliant woman, and there is also no doubt she would be a better President than Trump; but almost anyone would be better than Trump. If voters elect Harris, it will be business as usual.  We can't have business as usual anymore, we need real progressive change. Help us truly push the Democratic Party in the right direction, towards the left!


Your donation will help in the creation and airing of a set of political ads on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina during primary season. We will continue to fight after that for progressive values and an American future we can all believe in.

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